Trademark Registration Process – Infographic

We know the trademark registration process can be confusing!

So we’ve broken it down into 4 basic steps in our Trademark Registration Process Infographic:

Trademark Registration Process Infographic

The path your trademark application takes from submission to registration.

Step 1 – Application filed 

Your expert trademark attorney files your trademark application at the US Trademark Office (USPTO).

Step 2 – USPTO Reviews Application

It takes approximately 3-4 months before your application is assigned to an examining attorney to be processed and reviewed. After review, the USPTO will issue either a Notice of Publication or an Office Action.

Office Action: Sometimes the USPTO will issue an official letter identifying issues with your trademark application that require a response. Usually, you have 6 months to respond to the Office Action and overcome the cited issues. If no response is filed, your trademark application will go abandoned.

In the event that you are issued an Office Action on your trademark application, your expert trademark attorney and paralegal team will be in touch to help you figure out your next move. We have a pre-negotiated, reduced cost structure with your legal team for you to proceed. There are many strategies that can be used to overcome an Office Action. Your legal team will be here to help!

Step 3 – USPTO Issues a Notice of Publication

Hurrah! The USPTO has approved your mark for publication in the Official Gazette. The USPTO provides 30 days from the publication date for any party to oppose your trademark application if they believe their mark would be harmed by your registration. In the rare occasion you receive an opposition, your legal team will be ready to strategize your next move.

If no one opposes your registration, the USPTO will issue a Notice of Allowance or a Certificate of Registration. This is great news!

Step 4 – Notice of Allowance

A Statement of Use must be filed in order to continue on the path to registration.

Certificate of Registration: Your Trademark is Registered! CONGRATULATIONS!

According to the US Trademark Office 2015 Performance and Accountability Report, the average pendency time between Filing and Examiner’s First Action is 2.9 months. The average pendency time for a trademark application between filing, registration (use applications), abandonments and notice of allowances is 10.1 months.

According to a study by the Stanford Technology Law Review trademarks filed by experienced trademark attorneys are 50% more likely to be approved by the USPTO than those filed by inexperienced applicants.

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