Trademark Questionnaire Checklist

Prepare to file your trademark application with our handy Trademark Questionnaire Checklist!

The following is a list of items you may need in order to successfully complete your AKeyMark Questionnaire and file your trademark application correctly with the US Trademark Office. Don’t worry, if you have any questions about your trademark application, the AKeyMark team is here to help!

Standard Character Mark

If filing a Standard Character Mark (just words, letters or numbers, without any design element, such as a slogan, company name, etc.)

  • Exact spelling of your trademark

Design/Stylized Mark

If filing a Design/Stylized Mark (logo, or any words/letters/numbers that have a specific design element)

  • Image of your design/stylized mark; File requirements:
    • .jpg or .png format only
    • image file should not include ™ symbol or ® symbol
    • The image should be as clear as possible, with no other elements except the mark you’re seeking to register. The image submitted is used throughout the application process, and if the trademark registers, it will also appear on the Registration Certificate
    • Image pixel dimensions must be no less than 250 pixels and no more than 944 pixels

List of Goods or Services

  • Prepare (or have in mind) a list of goods and/or services that you are currently selling or intend on selling in the future using your trademark

— If you are currently using your trademark to sell goods/services —

  • First date used anywhere
  • First use date in commerce or internationally (or across state lines)
  • Images showing the mark used in association with the class of goods and services
    • An image for goods (products) usually shows the mark on the actual goods, on labels/tags affixed to the goods, on packaging, or in a product display for the goods (like a window display)
    • An image for services generally shows the mark used in the sale, rendering, or advertising of the services. A consumer should be able to directly associate your mark with the services you identified.
  • If your trademark is applied for, or registered internationally (if applicable)
    • International trademark registration info – filing/registration date, country, serial number

Owner Information – Who’s the owner of the trademark?

  • Entity Type: Individual, Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Limited Partnership, Trust, Estate, etc.
  • Legal Name of the Owner of the Mark
  • Full Address and State of Citizenship of each entity or owner

Government Filing Fees are $275 per class of goods/services. We know, we hate unavoidable gov’t filing fees too.

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