Something Worth Protecting: Euro-Tech Motors

Euro-Tech Motors: AKeyMark Case Study

Euro-Tech Motors

Business Profile

Euro-Tech Motors is a family-owned service and repair shop with locations in Culver City and Venice Beach, California. Specializing in Audi, Porsche and BMW, the business is run by the father-son team of Jose and Antonio Davila. Since its inception in 2003, Euro-Tech Motors has undergone significant growth: adding to their shop facilities, expanding to new locations, and most importantly, garnering a loyal, vocal customer base who serve as online reviewers and advocates for their service.

Euro-Tech Motors Family; AKeyMark Clients

Father and Son Team- right: Jose Davila – Owner, left: Antonio Davila – Manager

Business Challenge

Euro-Tech Motors’ development and expansion was satisfying for manager Antonio Davila, but it also brought a new set of business challenges. As the shop found success and grew, it became a target for imposters looking to capitalize on the exceptional service and customer loyalty that were an integral part of the Euro-Tech Motors brand.

“My dad started the business as an Audi specialist back in 2003 with a really small shop, and little by little he grew. As we drew more attention, I started noticing other shops using similar names, like Euro-Tech Motorsports or Euro-Tech Collision. And that prompted me to research trademark registration,” says Davila. “I also looked online at our SEO, and these other shops kept coming up instead of us. I was concerned about other people stealing the name exactly as it is, or starting a business and using the name to pretend to be us.”

This began Davila’s independent research on how to protect his family’s business logo with a trademark registration, however, navigating the trademark application process alone wasn’t as easy as he’d hoped.

Euro-Tech Motora

Antonio Davila – Euro-Tech Motors. AKeyMark Client.

“I was confused about the trademark registration process, because there is so much legal language that I didn’t understand. I didn’t know what I was protecting, what I needed to protect, or how to do it,” says Davila.

Finding the process overwhelming and intimidating, Davila sought help from acquaintances in the business community. The information he received there wasn’t helpful either, so his plan to apply for a trademark for the Euro-Tech Motors brand ended up like many of his clients’ vehicles: broken down and in need of some professional help.


Despite his intimidation by the process, Davila was determined to find a way to properly apply for a trademark registration for Euro-Tech. He stumbled upon AKeyMark on social media, and reached out to the AKeyMark team for assistance in applying for a trademark registration for his business logo.

“The application process was easy, and the AKeyMark questionnaire is really efficient. I had a lot of questions, but they made it straight to the point and made sure I knew what I was doing,” says Davila.

The unique AKeyMark Audit process significantly impacted the Euro-Tech Motors trademark application. During an AKeyMark Audit, completed trademark applications are evaluated by an expert trademark paralegal and attorney team before being submitted to the United States Trademark Office. This ensures the applicant’s business has a complete application that protects the correct aspects of their trademark, like class of goods and services, design mark (logo) specifications, and other trademark protections.

“I was able to learn more and get more done in that 15 minute long conversation than in all the time I spent researching online. Before I could even ask any of the questions I had, my attorney answered everything. It was so efficient!” says Davila.

The AKeyMark Audit and attorney consultation left Antonio Davila and Euro-Tech Motors with a much stronger trademark application than when they began.

Euro-Tech Front; AKeyMark clients

“One of my initial questions was if the trademark’s color mattered, and the attorney told me I had the option to trademark it with the color,” Davila explains. “But he mentioned that if the application specified a specific color, the trademark protection I received was only for that specific color – no others. So we applied without specifying the color, which protected us no matter what color was used.”

The AKeyMark dashboard also helped Davila stay apprised of the status of his application.

“The AKeyMark Dashboard has a status bar, so I was able to check where my trademark application was in the process. The platform also notifies you through email when statuses change or the application moves to another step in the United States Trademark Office’s evaluation process,” says Davila. “I have a million other things demanding my attention during the day, but the AKeyMark platform kept me from missing anything. That efficiency saves me time, and as a business owner, time is everything.”


Knowing the brand his father worked so hard to create has a U.S. Trademark registration makes Antonio Davila more confident as he continues to build upon his family’s legacy. He realizes that by having a trademark registration for his business logo, he can protect the good will he’s created for his brand.

“I’m happy with the AKeyMark platform and audit process. It gave me peace of mind despite the application’s complexity, and I feel the final product encompassed and worked to seek protection for everything my dad had worked so hard to create with this name.”

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