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Maximum Ridesharing Profits – AKeyMark Case Study

Maximum Ridesharing Profits

Business Profile

When Harry Campbell first began doing rideshare driving for popular companies Uber and Lyft, he learned quickly how knowledge of the companies’ procedures and fares combined with efficiency in planning routes could increase drivers’ revenues. He started recording podcasts about his experiences, and blogging on his website, As he began interacting more with other drivers, he identified gaps in the education rideshare companies provided their contractors, and what real drivers actually experienced with their passengers. At this intersection between knowledge, experience and business opportunity, the Maximum Ridesharing Profits educational courses were born.

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Business Challenge

As a serial entrepreneur, an early adopter of the rideshare driving profession, and a respected blogger and podcaster, Campbell found himself in a unique position as a thought leader and in-demand expert in an emerging field within the larger sharing economy phenomenon. His audience at gave him continual inspiration for more podcasts and blogs, and his large following led to interviews with national media outlets.

Campbell designed the Maximum Ridesharing Profits course to address the most common issues drivers face when onboarding to Lyft and Uber, the two most popular ridesharing services. The course provides general education as well as tips and tricks to help new drivers maximize their pay by understanding the individual companies’ rates and rules.

Understanding the value of having a registered trademark from his previous entrepreneurial endeavors, Campbell started thinking about protecting his new digital brand.

“I had registered one other trademark before, but it had been over a year ago,” says Campbell. “I had forgotten a lot about the application process in the intervening time.”

OTS-PhoneOne thing he remembered from his previous trademark experience, however, was that the application process was complicated and time-consuming. Because of this, Campbell felt that finding an easy platform for completing and submitting his trademark application was the key to having a good experience while getting the legal expertise he sought.

Campbell explains, “I’m a true consumer at heart. I’m always looking to compare services, and although I had a good experience in the past with another company, I’m always looking for a company that provides the best experience. That’s the company I’m willing to give my business to.”

After some initial research, Campbell discovered AKeyMark, which guides clients through the application process utilizing a simple questionnaire to collect client information, followed by an AKeyMark Audit. The AKeyMark Audit is a comprehensive review of the client’s submitted trademark questionnaire, conducted by an expert trademark legal team. The legal team ensures trademark applications are filed correctly, aligned with the clients’ business model, and best positioned for approval by the US Trademark Office. AKeyMark uses the questionnaire and the results of the audit process to complete and submit the final trademark application.


It was this efficient workflow and thorough review process that drew Campbell to AKeyMark. As a driver, consultant, and instructor, Campbell’s time truly was money, and he valued efficiency above all as he completed his trademark questionnaire. Keeping apprised of his application’s status, and getting feedback was important to him as he tried to move quickly through the process.

“They seemed to be on top of everything, including getting information from me or submitting whatever documents needed to be submitted,” says Campbell. “The AKeyMark prices are competitive, but what sets them apart was that the entire legal team was available to me throughout the process. The team answered any questions I had and provided support– it wasn’t like they were just filing my application and then moving on to the next client.”

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For Harry Campbell and Maximum Ridesharing Profits, the knowledge, communication, and overall expertise of the expert trademark team AKeyMark connected him with made the difference in his trademark application experience. As a business owner with a keen eye for efficiency, he appreciated the adeptness with which his application was handled.
“The trademark process in general is a little confusing and, knowing which categories or classes to put your trademark in can be difficult to understand,” explains Campbell.
During the attorney consultation, Campbell was able to explain exactly how his Ridesharing courses are distributed and sold online and how he plans on growing in the future. From this information the attorney was able to recommend a more appropriate classification of services, as well as craft the language in the trademark application to provide the broadest protection possible, yet be narrow enough to protect the specific goods or services of the trademark.

“The attorney consultation part of the process was very streamlined. I scheduled a time to speak with my attorney, and he called me on time, which I appreciated!” says Campbell. “We walked through the questionnaire I’d completed through the AKeyMark platform, he asked me a number of pertinent questions, and we worked through the answers. It was a productive, well-run session, and gave me the results I needed. AKeyMark helps clients navigate through the trademark application process in the best way possible.”

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