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About Us

Our Executive Team

Ken Sherman, Chairman and CEO

The AKeyMark team is led by CEO, Ken Sherman, a successful Intellectual Property Attorney, serial entrepreneur, and the managing Partner of Sherman IP LLP. Ken has more than 25 years of experience practicing Intellectual Property law and has litigated and prosecuted thousands of patent and trademark disputes and applications. Ken taught Intellectual Property law at the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering and designed a program so that engineers and company principals could understand the attributes of the Intellectual Property tools they use in their developments and product markets.

In addition, Ken has supported the Intellectual Property aspects of both large, multi-national technology firms and emerging small businesses across many industries. As an entrepreneur, investor and legal expert, Ken is aware of how essential a proper trademark filing, and its resultant Federal Trademark Registration, is to building, funding, protecting and growing a business and its brands.

Ken believes that filing a trademark application should be as seamless of a process for the uninitiated as it is for sophisticated corporate players, and that the process should also be both convenient and cost effective. By understanding the needs of trademark applicants and how they successfully work with their attorneys, AKeyMark bridges the gap between self-filing trademark application systems and attorney representation. A winning combination, if you ask us!

George Bukhin

Chief Operations Officer
George is responsible for the operations at AKeyMark and strives to develop systems to ensure that we exceed your expectations. George served as an infantryman in the Marine Corps for 7 years, is active in a number of non-profits and philanthropic organizations in Los Angeles, and has launched several initiatives of his own.



Chief Morale Officer
Ricki is responsible for uplifting and maintaining the morale and welfare of everyone at AKeyMark. As the CMO, she established proper customs and courtesies no one escapes the office without saying hello. Ricki guarantees a pleasant and effective work environment and welcomes all guests as a part of the AKeyMark family.

Our Legal Team

The AKeyMark legal team is powered by Sherman IP LLP, a full-service intellectual property law firm located in the heart of Silicon Beach in Santa Monica, California. Sherman IP’s unique position in the expanding startup community allows them to support new businesses at the core of their business: their intellectual property protection. Sherman IP LLP has been recognized as a top rated IP Law Firm by Intellectual Property today for over 10 Years.

We take out the hassle, confusion and headaches of finding a qualified attorney for your trademark filing. Dedicated to success, the Sherman IP lawyers are defined by the following qualifications:

  • Attorneys only deal with trademark law
  • Experienced in trademark prosecution and litigation
  • Friendly and courteous
  • Focused, deadline driven and detail oriented

The coupling of the AKeyMark platform with Sherman IP LLP allows AKeyMark users to propel through their trademark process in a nurturing and beneficial way from application to registration.


Our Advisory Board


Nina Nashif

Founder and CEO, Healthbox


Steven Schoenfeld

Founder and Chief Investment Officer, BlueStar Global Investors LLC


Toby Velazquez

President, The American DJ Group of Companies


AKeyMark supports veterans of the American Armed Forces. A portion of each sale is donated to The Semper Fi Fund, which provides immediate financial assistance and lifetime support to post 9/11 wounded, critically ill and injured members of all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, and their families. The Semper Fi Fund has been awarded the highest ratings from watchdog groups, with 94% of funding providing rapid assistance and no red tape to those that deserve it most.

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