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How it Works

AKeyMark connects you to a trademark law firm, at a fraction of the cost.

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Fill out an easy, guided form that collects your trademark information.

Step: 2

AKeyMark Audit TM

AKeyMark Audit TM

Your Questionnaire undergoes our proprietary, comprehensive review by an expert trademark legal team.

Step: 3

Attorney Consultation

Attorney Consultation

Receive a 15 minute strategic attorney consultation that aligns your business goals with the legal attributes you want your trademark registration to protect!

Step: 4

Application Submission

Application Submission

Using the information from the AKeyMark Audit and consultation, your attorney submits your trademark application in the best position for approval by the Trademark Office.

Why Choose Us

Trademark applications filed by experienced trademark attorneys are 50% more likely to register than self filed applications, but let’s face it, trademark attorneys are traditionally expensive. Until now!

Created by CEO Ken Sherman, Managing Partner of Sherman IP LLP and an expert trademark attorney for over 25 years, AKeyMark is your trademark application solution.

AKeyMark is a fast, easy and cost-effective trademark application platform that provides the efficiency of an online self-filing system and the expertise of a trademark attorney at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law firm.

In less than 5 minutes, you can be on your way to protecting your brand!

  • Easy desktop or mobile access.
  • Expert trademark legal team.
  • Flat fee payment structure.
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$399 + gov’t filing fees*

Work directly with a trademark law firm at a fraction of the cost.
When is the last time you were able to hire a law firm for $399?

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Cost Savings to YOU!

*Government filing fees are $275 per each class of goods and services. Should additional classes be selected, the additional filing fees will be added. We know, we hate unavoidable government filing fees too.

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I was able to learn more and get more done in that 15 minute consultation than in all the time I spent researching online. Before I could even ask any of the questions I had, my attorney answered everything. It was so efficient!

Antonio Davila - Euro-Tech MotorsView Case Study
Harry In Car-2

The AKeyMark prices are competitive, but what sets them apart was that the entire legal team was available to me throughout the process. The team answered any questions I had and provided support—it wasn’t like they were just filing my application and then moving on to the next client.

Harry Campbell - Maximum Rideshare ProfitsView Case Study
Vetted Pet Care - AKeyMark

A lot of the comfort I had with the AKeyMark platform came from the attorney consultation—being able to talk with a real person about my application and have them write things down and make recommendations. At the end of the day, that was the most important thing.

Karan Aneja - VettedView Case Study

Submitting a trademark seemed intimidating but the AKeyMark team made the whole process very easy, right from the start, to our trademark being submitted. I especially like being updated through the process and what would be the next step. The whole process went very smooth from filling out the questionnaire to speaking with the legal team.

For anyone considering registering a trademark, I would highly recommend the AKeyMark group to help you with this process.

Richard Neitzke - Heavily Armed

Great idea and great execution on the idea. I've already used them and it was far easier than expected. If you need a trademark without all the confusion and hassle, look no further!

Ryan Cox - Nummy, LLC
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